Bronze Ganesh Seated Abhaya Mudra Ganapathi 2"

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Ganesha has beautiful swirling designs as well as an OM symbol and a trident on his trunk •His ears stick out more than a typical Ganesh statue •He has a beautiful crown with designs on his trunk Total Height Including Base: 2 inches This adorable Ganesh has a style all his own! Ganesha's face has a different style than what is typical of brass Ganesh statues. He is seated holding an ax, noose, and a laddu with his final hand held up in the abhaya mudra or "fear not" hand position. He wears simple pants with nothing on his upper half besides some necklaces. He is seated in a very relaxed position completely at ease with himself and his surroundings. There is no base to this sculpture so the full height of the statue is only Ganesh. There is an OM sign a trident and many swirling designs on the base of his trunk. His vehicle, a rat, is crawling up his pants. This is a very unique spot for the rat to be in a Ganesha sculpture! Because rats are capable of gnawing through anything they are a great companion for the remover of obstacles! An adorable statue of Lord Ganesh!

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