Each statuette in this set is secured to a base making this a beautiful and highly detailed piece to symbolize the Seven African powers. Cold cast resin & Cowrie Shells.
10 Inch House of Elegua Casa Statue Santeria Siete Potencias African God Powers
Product ID : 313eda31fc2c366a
Eshu/Elegua - Most powerful Orisha, Messenger of the Gods, Spirit of the...
Orisha Statue of the 7 African Powers with Jesus Christ
Product ID : c41183ca5f89d258
14 INCHES HIGH • Made out of Resin and Hand Painted Beautiful Detailed...
13" Resin Statue Orisha Ogun
Product ID : 20272bb22bd45cba
African Warrior God Figure
orisha statue oya 13" tall
Product ID : f5b13388cedd05f2
13" tall (35.5cm) Resin Composition. OYA: She is the Goddess of...
12" Inch Chango Shango Macho Statue
Product ID : bbf3d7fadd325fe4
Statue of Chango MachoDetails:Size: Approx 9 inches high'Material: Made out...
13" Inch Statue Orisha Ogun
Product ID : 7e3d725e4ea25431
Approximately 13 inches high Made out of Resin and Hand Painted Very...
13" Statue Orisha Obatala
Product ID : 1ecb58dba02a8105
OBATALA: He is the king of the white cloth. a symbol of peace and purity. He...
Orula Statue - 11"
Product ID : 3822570718538a2e
11" Inch Statue of Orisha Orunla Orula. Representing one of the Seven African...